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Character Equipment - Goranthir

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Character Equipment - Goranthir



    The Kynarine Blade

      Given to Goranthir by the Psijics of Artaeum, this daikatana is unbreakable, but its mightiest power is its "Kynarine Blast," a invisible concussive force which strikes forth in an arc up to thirty meters across. It is powerful enough to knock an armored man off his feet, and can carry much lighter targets far away.


      It was recently discovered that Goranthir left the Kynarine Blade behind at the Nymph and Noggin when he went undercover in Vvardenfell, so tavernkeep Kethiah has brought it to Loranna.



    The Akarvina

      Goranthir's warship, The Akarvina, is two hundred and fifty feet long with a displacement of three thousand tons. The forecastle is fifty feet high, well suited for archers and battlemages. Two captains’ rooms in the quarter deck, and room for seventy-five crew members below. Three masts are the main means of propulsion, but the walls of the storage area can open up and be used to oar on windless days.


      Goranthir ordered the ship built by Ald Raathim's master Nordic shipwrights, and commissioned a figurehead of Kynareth on the mast.


      Somehow it miraculously survived the destruction of Ald Raathim's navy, and has been lovingly restored by the Nords who created it, awaiting the return of its captain.


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