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Character Sheet - Alasalack

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Alas and Alack



General Information

    Race: Khajiit Ohmes and Ohmes-Raht

    Gender: Male

    Birthsign: Unknown

    Age: Unknown, but both about 30 in the year 3E430

    Class/Occupation: Ex-Smugglers / Formerly Loranna's Excise and Import/Export Agents / Formerly Loranna's Spymasters / Gentlemen of Leisure / False Priests of Zenithar

    Birthplace: Senchal, Elsweyr



    With similarly powerful yet lean physiques, Alas and Alack were effective bodyguards for Goldcat in their day. Alas is the more feline of the two with a soft coat of silver hair. Alack could pass as mer, but prefers to decorate his face in intricate patterns of brown woad.




    The “brothers” (“Though his mum and dad ain’t mine,” Alack clarified) Alas and Alack are tribesmates of Ya’Tirrje, the most powerful smuggler in Senchal, also known as Goldcat. They were born of the same litter, ten hours apart, and by whim of the moons, Alack was born an Ohmes-Raht and Alas was born an Ohmes. Almost assuredly, Alas and Alack are not their real names, but they’ve been their professional names for their entire lives, and they answer to nothing else.


    Joining their successful tribesmate Ya’Tirrje in her smuggling operations have made the boys a bundle. When Loranna first met them, they were in Goldcat’s company, cheating on fights in the arena. Later, they met up with Loranna and Tris Gaerington at the Nymph and Noggin and flirted with both outrageously, until they learned that they were saying very naughty things to the Lady of Daruhn. Alack, who likes the ladies, was particularly chagrined, but Alas, who likes the fellows, had a kinky encounter with Tris at the House of Dibella. So there’s that.


    We next saw the lads in their home base of Senchal, after Reeds Saloat and Dar’Tessir were captured by slavers. Alas and Alack “bought” them for ten gold pieces and a promise to let the slavers escape without notifying Goldcat of their illegal activities on her turf. They freed the Argonians at Ya’Tirrje’s white marble palace on the cliff of Senchal, and disappeared for a while from the story …


    They came to Ald Raathim some time later, having quit Goldcat's service, finding it all too much like work, and deciding to invest some of their considerable capital at a place where they enjoyed themselves (and thought they could buy land cheap due to the Civil War). Ald Raathim.


    As Kethiah was taking maternity leave, they were asked if they were interested taking on her work as Loranna's import/export agents and Spymasters. They agreed, and began finding contacts who would give them information about dark deeds, including the forger Llana Arydon. They used her services to create fake identiies as priests of Zenithar, and have built up the warehouses on the dock of Ald Raathim into an impressive temple to the Aedra, called, as all his temples are, the Resolution of Zenithar.


    A few months after Kethiah had Eodir, she returned to being Loranna's Import/Export Agent and Spymaster, and the boys returned to their life of sloth and heretical proselytizing. They have built up their church on the docks of Ald Raathim into an enormous cathedral, the obelisk on it visible for miles all around.



    Sleeping late and intrigue.



      Goldcat, reportedly an aunt or a cousin in their tribe




      - -




      - -




      1. The Senchal Rose, given to Llana for services rendered.

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