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Character Sheet - Anya

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General Information


    Race: Bosmer

    Gender: Female

    Birthsign: The Thief

    Age: Born 3E405 (25 in the year 3E430)

    Class/Occupation: Theif/Assassin

    Birthplace: Falinesti, Valenwood Province




Lithe and athletic, Anya was a tan bosmer of average hieght with piercing green eyes and blonde hair either tighted in a bun or held at shoulder length. She also has a curious tatto of a cherry on her right cheek. She carries the cheerful visage of a typical wood elf, but is also very tempermental and quick to engage someone. She is a confused, little girl who is just now starting to mature and grow.







Born in Valenwood, her father's work eventually brought her to the southern most tip of Morrowind. It was here her family was captured into slavery and her parents killed. She was rescued by an imperial by the name of Vondicus, who took pity on the girl and took her as his apprentice of sorts. Over the years, she was taught the skills Vondicus knew. She became deadly proficient as an assassin, theif, and woodland ranger. She found that she began to enjoy this life, as her thirst for vengence spilled into all aspects of her life. Eventually, she was able to find her brother and make an atempt to settle down with him and Vondicus, but was unable to do even that. Blue Dawn swept through their budding farm, and all were killed but her.


Months after that, she was hired by Loranna as a pathfinder. Drawn by the prospect of an easy life and the power that Loranna held, she left with them for Ald Raathim. She learned to enjoy of the caring attention she was given, and aided them in a number of campaigns.







With an underlying need to exact revenge for her lost life, but with those responsible dead or gone, Anya quickly turned to the martial arts. Vondicus found a willing, if absent-minded, student in their years long journey together. Learning several styles and weapons, Anya quickly settled on her prefered weapons of the spear, shortsword, and marksmanship weapons. Her fighting tends to be a mash of styles, more reactionary than proactive. She relied on throwing weapons primarily, until Loranna coaxed her into taking archey as her primary choice. Shortly after moving into Ald Raathim, she spent the modest amount of septims she had built up in training in Illusion and Alteration schools of magic, using enchanted clothing to enhance her casting.




      Allania: Sister (Deceased)

      Vondicus: Surrogate Uncle (Deceased)

      Eodir Isidorsen: Godchild

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