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Character sheet - Asshirinei

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Asshirinei (Necron)



General Information

Race: Dunmer

Gender: Male

Birthsign: The Lord

Age: unknown

Class/Occupation: Retired, ex-Ordinator inquisitor

Birthplace: Necrom, Morrowind




    Asshirinei, best known as "Necron", is a reasonably tall, sinister looking, Dunmer. He sports reasonably neat, short hair, along with a "Tiber Septim" goatee, both are white through age. His eyes are completely blood drenched to a unique degree, and give the feeling of piercing straight through you. He has a general style that commands loyalty and respect, and his personality is similar, though not by intention. Asshirinei also has an uncanny ability to know what you are thinking, such is the legacy of his inquisitor-hood.



    Asshirinei was born unto Ashlander parents in the city of Necrom. The parents were converts to the Tribunal faith, eager to become settled Dunmer. All-in-all, traitors to their own kind. They called their child "Necron", after the city in which he was born, but he would never forget the utterings of another name throughout his Childhood: Asshirinei.


    Necron was completely taken in by the Tribunal faith, Becoming an Ordinator when he was old enough to do so. He rose up the ranks to eventually become an inquisitor. In doing so, he committed subconcious revenge on those who branded his family traitors for leaving. A bloody path was left in the name of the Tribunal.


    Soon, after the deaths of many who opposed the tribunal, Necron was hooked up with an Ordinator Captain who called himself Vaan Surethi, but, through questioning, revealed his real name to be Vaden Nalos. The two became good friends, and were sent on an important mission together, only returning when their religion had fallen - realising this, they left again - only to return years later.


    Soon, a new ordinator force was created, the Muatramer. Necron, along with his friend Vaan, joined up. Necron became the Grandmaster of the Order of Intelligence. Though he never mentioned it, Necron saw this simply as a different means to the same end. The Muatramer were disbanded eventually, but not before Necron had rebuilt Tel Dresori with them, retiring there.



    Necron has a great interest in Architecture, and is in fact an architect himself.






      Vaan - closest friend.














      1. Ashlander Bracelets.

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