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Character Sheet - B

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General Information

    Race: Altmer

    Gender: Male

    Birthsign: The Atronach

    Age: Born 2E 888 (438 in the year 3E 430)

    Class/Occupation: Psijic

    Birthplace: Shimmerene, Summerset Isle




    Like many other High Elves, B is tall and golden-skinned. He has blue eyes, and his platinum hair almost reaches his shoulders.

    Youth and grace seem the obvious traits, but many would be surprised to learn that he is over 400 years old. B is a scholar, a teacher, and a diplomatic counselor, who is spiritual and extremely idealistic.

    B is clad in simple raiment with a long, grey cloak worn over top. It, too, is simple, but the mer looks distinguished, almost elegant, nevertheless. As the cloak moves when he walks, it betrays the fact that he carries no weapons and wears no armor.



    B was present at the Trial of Vivec and watched, with disbelief, as the events unfolded. The Psijic tried to intervene, tried to stand between Vehk and Attrebus, but in the end, he was powerless:


    "I have seen enough!" B said, and, in an instant, he vanished completely from sight.


    As a thousand scribs swarmed Attrebus' body, B reappeared next to him. Flames engulfed the scribs at Attrebus' feet. B touched Attrebus, and his wounds were healed. "I will stand at your side, Attrebus."


    The shells of the dead scribs formed shapes of the Temple saints. B and Attrebus fell to their knees and wept blood.


    As Azura began her rise to power through Loranna, B was called upon once again to help in the fight. He ventured into the Dragontail Mountains to seek out a dragon. His goal was to learn Azura’s True Name:


    A rumbling sound comes from the dragon’s throat like the sound of an avalanche. Fire dances across his tongue. The dragon raises himself up even higher and responds, "A True Name! I should laugh at your pretentiousness! You are so young and so naive. Why should I help the likes of you, Altmer?"


    The greycloak replied, "The spirit Azura is gaining strength. If allowed to continue, she could unleash a great terror upon the Mundus. She must be sent back to Oblivion! In order to do that, I need her True Name."


    "I cannot give you Azura’s protonymic, even if I wanted you to have it. You would have to go to Oblivion to find what you seek. Have not the Psijics been to Oblivion before?" The grin on the dragon’s face was more frightening than amusing. "Why don’t you just march back to that silly little isle of yours and take a quick jaunt through the Dreaming Cave."


    The Psijic returned to Artaeum, made the necessary preparations, and entered the Dreaming Cave . . . and into Oblivion:


    The stench was overpowering. His gray cloak provided him no barrier against the acrid water as B waded through the darkened corridor of the palace. Only the sound of his beating heart echoed in the hall.


    After a time, the water almost completely disappeared: it was nothing more than a few scattered puddles on the ground. Now, the scent of roses assaulted him. Crumbled stones lined his path, and it seemed a hundred haunting eyes watched B’s arrival.


    The Psijic continued walking. Several yards away, a scamp stood in B’s path, cocked his head to one side, and continued down the corridor. Not much of a greeting, but what did B expect. He found himself in, what amounted to, a waiting room. He simply wasn’t going to open any door he pleased and enter. No matter how he felt about the princes, he wasn’t about to desecrate their domain. He would have to be patient. Time meant nothing in Oblivion.


    When the rescue party arrived (to be continued):


    Through the doorway, there was a small, dimly lit room. On the far wall, a wooden door was placed. In the center of the four walls, was a wooden table with two chairs on opposite sides. The Psijic was seated in one chair; the other was empty.


    "No, thank you. My cup is quite full," the graycloak replied as his thumb and index finger were pressed together and raised to his lips. He seemed to sip at empty air.


    "Yes, the tea is quite good, but I beg your pardon: Do we have a deal or not?"


    B lifted the top on his ring, revealing the Stone of Wonders. B looked at it, and the charm was cast. He put his hand out in front of him and plucked nothing out of the air. With the same hand, he touched the side of his forehead, and when he had finished, he shut the ring.


    "I cannot thank you enough."


    The confrontation of Loranna (to be continued):


    The Psijic stepped forward, his equanimity unmatched. "Shhh," B said as he put his index finger to his lips. Slowly, the finger was removed. Never before had something so simple seemed so ominous. As the people watched the Psijic, his mouth moved, as if a word was being spoken, but not a single sound could be heard. The True Name of Azura was spoken.


    At first, everything seemed as normal as it had been a second before. Then, as that significant second passed, something changed. A faint, cracking sound could be heard in the hall. It was like the noise ice makes when it begins to break. The sound seemed to be coming from beneath the Psijic, but if one were to look down at the floor below the graycloak, that person would see that the stone remained completely intact. But the sound was unmistakable. The cracking sound traveled from the Psijic to where Azura now stood.



    Alchemy, literature, and sailing




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