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Character Sheet - Barenziah

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    Born in 2E893 as the daughter of Lord and Lady of Mournhold. She grew up in Skyrim, banished to the land of the Nords, after Tiber Septim annexation of Morrowind. Symmachus, a general in the Imperial Army, became her first husband. From their union, Helseth and Morgiah were born.


    In the dark days of the Imperial Simulacrum, Symmachus and his followers were killed by the treachery of Jagar Tharn, and Barenziah aided the Eternal Hero in the retrieval of the Staff of Chaos to defeat the usurper. To avoid Tharn, she and her children escape the Imperial City by the aid of King Eadwyre of Wayrest. Barenziah married Eadwyre, becoming Queen of Wayrest, and King Eadwyre adopts her children Helseth and Mogiah.


    After the Warp of the West, and King Eadwyre’s death, the throne of Wayrest was taken by Princess Elysana, Eadwyre's daughter from his previous wife. The new Queen banished Barenziah and Helseth from the Wayrest Court. They return to Morrowind, where Helseth, in somewhat sinister circumstances, achieves a throne at last.


    As Queen Mother, Barenziah exercised her power in diplomacy, aiding her son in an attempt to make a strong central government. When Helseth fell ill and nearly died, she took even more responsibility, crafting alliances with the Dres, Hlaalu, and some of the Telvanni. It was at this time that she became most involved in the affairs of Ald Raathim, and the heroes of the court of Lady Loranna.


    More than any one person, she has been responsible for Ald Raathim’s rise in power, changing the trade lanes and giving gold to the region in exchange for their loyalty.


    Barenziah has additionally had to deal with more trouble with her own family. Upon understanding the deal that her daughter Morgiah made with Mannimarco in order to become Queen of Firsthold, and the horrible repercussions on her grandson Goranthir, she traveled to Summerset and convinced her daughter to give up the throne. Now back in Morrowind, she presides over court. There may be another Queen in Dinara, but no one has any doubt who wields the power in Morrowind.

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