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Character Sheet - Dana

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Dana Myleki Coppersand


General Information

    Race: Redguard

    Gender: female

    Birthsign: The Apprentice

    Age: Born 3E407 (23 in the year 3E430)

    Class/Occupation: Healer/Bard

    Birthplace: Sentinel, Hammerfell Province




    Dana is a Redguard woman of about 23 years. She has dark red hair, which compliments the dark brown features of her face quite well. She is pretty, despite her slightly angled nose. Dana smiles frequently, as the thin lines around the corners of her mouth and dark eyes indicate. The Redguard woman is lean, almost skinny, yet she has an air of experience around her that indicates that she seems to be able to defend herself.

    She is usually seen clad in soft leather clothes and boots.


    Not much is known as of yet about Dana's background other than she is a good friend of Gistral and has accompanied him on a few quests. Dana is an accomplished healer as well as a skilled bard. Dana was readily offered her help as Gistral asked her to accompany him to assist Ald Raathim in the hard times the city faced and so she became connected with the heroes frequenting this place.



    Dana's interests circle around healing, but most of all, she focuses on her being a bard, listening to stories of heroes and using them for inspiration for her own songs. However, due to a recent event in Tel Dresori concerning vampires and a terrible battle, she apparently has lost any interest in singing or telling stories.



      Dana has not yet talked about her family relations.




      1. nondescript soft leather armour.




      1. Elvish Glass Longsword

      2. Sling



      1. Lute


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