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Character Sheet - Gistral

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General Information


    Race: Redguard

    Gender: Male

    Birthsign: The Warrior

    Age: Born 3E406 (24 in the year 3E430)

    Class/Occupation: Warrior/Scout

    Birthplace: Lainlyn, Hammerfell Province




    Gistral is a tall Redguard warrior and scout. The Redguard's sunburnt dark face is framed by braided black hair held back by a silver ring flows across his back. Brown, almost black eyes carry a youthful expression and hint at Gistral's curiosity and sense for adventure. The Redguard's hardened figure is clad in sand-coloured cloth which usually hide the leather armour he wears underneath. A matching cloak of the same colour than his clothes is thrown around his broad shoulders. Gistral is a fine swordfighter and a well-trained marksman. His weapon of choice is a silver longsword that can be seen peeking out from under his cloak. He also carries a longbow and a quiver full of arrows hangs at his side when adventuring.




    Gistral is born in Lainlyn, a city in northern Hammerfell near the Dragontail Mountains. Though the Dragontail Mountains influence most of Lainlyn's landscape, he longed for the deserts of the more southern part of Hammerfell. Thus, a young Gistral decided to explore the Alik'r and since then, he has lost his heart to the harsh, but beautiful land. He spent many of his his teen years in the Alik'r, traveling and adventuring from here to there, learning the skills a warrior needed, and became a knowledgable scout, tracker and guide.

    Gistral is fascinated by his forefather's history, the ancient and mythic tales of his people, their background, their culture and their way of life. His favourite tales are those of the Sword-Singers, the Ansei and the greatest of the Redguard heroes, Frandar Hunding.


    Gistral is a close friend of Nalion, dating back to the time when Nalion had spent two years of shopkeeping in Lainlyn.


    On one of his excursions near the western coast of Hammerfell, Gistral happened to run into a pirate attack and was captured and brought to Cybiades. It was there where he was freed by Loranna and Allerleirauh. Since then, he has kept ties of friendship to Ald Raathim.




      Gistral has so far kept silent about his family relations.

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