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Character Sheet - Goranthir

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General Information


    Race: Dunmer / Altmer (appears Dunmer)

    Gender: Male

    Birthsign: The Lord

    Age: Born 3E412 (18 in the year 3E430)

    Class/Occupation: Adventurer / Prince / Former Minion of Mannimarco / Heir to the throne of Firsthold

    Birthplace: Firsthold, Summerset



    Handsome, “almost pretty” with red-gold hair and a physique that has gone from thin in his first year with the group to brawnier as he aged into adulthood.


    As Geht, his eyes were not Dunmer red, but golden, and when faced in the Dragontail Mountains, his skin and hair were both bright white. Since becoming Goranthir again, his eyes have changed back to red, but his skin and hair have remained white.



    First born child of King Reman and Queen Morgiah of Firsthold, Goranthir, or Goran, was given a typical Princely education, leaning the arts of personal combat and the ways of courtly fashion. He was not however considered the heir of the King, for Reman had inherited the throne from his brother, and his brother’s son Aedrin was the Crown Prince. Goranthir’s personality, perhaps because of this and the coldness of his mother, was not well-suited for palace politics. He found he preferred the company of animals to people, and his Bosmer nurse taught him the art of communicating with them, a talent in which the lad grew strong.


    When he was fifteen, tired of being the “spare prince” in Firsthold, he ran away from home. For almost a year, he travelled across Tamriel, finally coming to Morrowind, where his uncle Helseth was king and his grandmother Barenziah was Queen Mother. Barenziah told Morgiah that he was well, and promised to take him under her wing. Believing that his adventurer’s spirit should be encouraged, she brought him to Ald Raathim, where the heroes there could “train” him in the art of the freelance adventurer.


    After many adventures, Goranthir became one of the Eight who traversed the outer spheres to right the sundered reality. There, in the realm of Arkay, Slyvos first noticed the necromantic “mark” on the young prince, a symbol that declared his soul the possession of another. Allerleirauh revealed to Goranthir that his mother Morgiah had made a deal years before his birth: in exchange for becoming Queen of Firsthold, Morgiah promised the King of Worms her first born.


    Together with Tris, Goranthir and Allerleirauh confronted Morgiah about this, but were coldly rebuffed, with the Queen saying she was proud of the deal she managed. They returned to Ald Raathim, where Goranthir took both Allerleirauh and Tris as lovers, as the clouds of civil war bloomed. The prince volunteered to go undercover in Vvardenfell to investigate the strange beings who called themselves the Tribunal there.


    Unbeknownst to any, the one who called herself Almalexia was Slyvos’s daughter Ashana, an ancient Bathogorgen vampire. Thinking having Goranthir in her power would give her access to her hated father, she tried to embrace him as a vampire. This violated Mannimarco’s Necomantic Mark, waking the long sleeping King of Worms, triggering a massive physical and psychic explosion.


    When the heroes of Ald Raathim went to Vvardenfell to investigate, they found that Goranthir had changed. Now known as Geht, his eyes had turned golden, and his power to communicate with animals had increased many times over, so he was now able to command huge armies of beasts. He even, in order to facilitate their escape, summoned a legendary dragon.


    When the heroes went to Firsthold to petition Morgiah and Reman’s military aid in the civil war, they were also present for the death of Crown Prince Aedrin. The heir of Firsthold was found in his room, apparently killed by a flock of birds. Later, Loranna and Maranda successfully defended Rinnala, Goranthir’s sister, in an attack at her Cotillion Ball, where both Geht and Mannimarco were briefly seen.


    As Mannimarco's power grew in the Dragontail Mountains, during the events of The War Of The Worm God, Geht was guarding the first of the Blightstones that needed to be destroyed. Thanks to the heroes and the sacrifice of his old Bosmer nurse Taolle, Geht was destroyed, and Goranthir became himself again, with the power to communicate with but not control animals.


    After the War of the Wormgod, he returned to Ald Raathim, but was haunted by the memories of Allerleirauh and Tris, who he believed were dead. In 3E 432, he returned to Firsthold, and had his Investiture Ceremony, where he was made heir and Crown Prince.



    As Goranthir, swordfighting, sailing his ship the Akarvina, dancing, and, of course, nookie.




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