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Character Sheet - Helseth

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    First child of Queen Barenziah and the late King Symmachus, Helseth was born in 3E 376. After his the family was forced to flee to Wayrest where his mother married King Eadwyre. The chief rivalry of his life, and his talent for scheming were born in High Rock, as Helseth and her stepsister, Princess Elysana fought on the issue of succession. After the death of King Eadwyre, he lost the throne of Wayrest to Princess Elysana, and with Barenziah, he was forced to leave Wayrest. King Athyn Llethan, the uncle of Queen Barenziah, brought them to court – a move which may have been a fatal mistake.


    On the suspicious death of the King, Helseth took the throne. Immediately, it became clear that the new King was not interested in being an Imperial figurehead like his predecessors. Seizing power in the vacuum of the disintegration of the Tribunal, he began dismantling the structure of the traditional Houses of Morrowind.


    Bold and ruthless, tactless and imperious, Helseth is not a loveable figure by any means.


    He first became aware of Loranna when she came to his kingdom as the Incarnate, and he sought to stop her march by any means necessary. In the Blue Dawn, however, the former antagonists became reluctant and then solid allies, and he later rewarded her by making Ald Raathim a Duchy of Morrowind.


    Among his bold recent moves are marrying Dres Vendama (now known as Queen Dinara) to cement an alliance with House Dres, the abolition of slavery in Morrowind, and, of course, the battles with House Redoran and House Indoril which form the backdrop of the current Civil War in Morrowind.

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