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Character Sheet - Indoril Faryon

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Indoril Faryon


General Information

    Race: Dunmer

    Gender: Male

    Birthsign: The Serpent

    Age: Born 3E149

    Class/Occupation: Indoril Councilor, Count of Kragenmoor

    Birthplace: Mournhold, Morrowind




    White haired, with a pointy beard, he wears a blood red robe, with a fur coat. Under the cloak, however, he wears ebony armour



    Councilor Indoril Faryon was a simple man. He worshiped the Tribunal, gained profits off his farm, and cared for his family... that is, until the Blue Dawn. He and many of his fellow clansmen fought against the Azurite fiends who arose from Red Mountian. His wife was slain by these fiends, and because of this, he has gained an even greater paranoia for his lone daughter, Nibarr, who was mistress of the books at the Faryon Plantation. However, she was killed in a slave riot at the plantation, hence his deep dislike of Argonians and Khajiit.


    Faryon was against the rebellion at the begining, one of the few voices of dissent in the Indoril Council, yet after Dres forces raised his plantation, he went on the offensive, commanding a vast army which in a series of spectacular military advances, siezed the Dres Capital of Kragenmoor. As a reward for capturing the city, he was proclaimed military governor of the Kragenmoor region. He is noted for his harsh treatment of slaves after thier decleration of freedom, however, this has been somewhat relaxed in recent times, as the slaves build up the defences of Kragenmoor. Faryon at present, is on a world tour to gain support from the Alliance. After gaining little support from the Imperial Government, and much support from Wayrest, He returned to Morrowind, and prepared his plot to remove the reactionary members of the Indoril Council.


    They were fooled to attack the city of Verannis Hall, where a waiting Altmeri Army forced them to retreat. The reactionaries lost the city of Omanyi to the Altmers before they were confronted by the army of Faryon, who pushed them back to Omanyi, yet failed to take the city. Soon afterwards, the Dark Brotherhood Assassinated the commander at Balfell, giving Faryon complete control over the Deshaan plains west of the Thir River. However, with his forces streched, he quickly moved to a defensive posture, and has made no offensive moves since.


    Faryon settled down, and proclaimed himself Count of Kragenmoor, strangely enough taking on an Imperial Title, and declaring the entire Deshaan Plain west of the Thir, the Kragenmoor County. Despite his puppet becoming the new Indoril High Councillor, Faryon in recent months has been acting more inderpendent of the Indoril Council, even making open suggestions to abolish slavery within his so called 'county'. His Army is considerably gaining strengh and should soon near the ability to resume offensive operations.





        1.Ebony Armour




        1. Flamebane Sword



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