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Character Sheet - Ingmar

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General Information

    Race: Nord

    Gender: Male

    Birthsign: The Warrior

    Age: 37

    Class/Occupation: Adventurer

    Birthplace: Skyrim




    Looks pretty similar to his brother, Isidor, except for shorter hair, and darker eyes.



    Half brother of Isidor, who had a brief affair with Kethiah in Skyrim, where he was a cook. She left him when her assignment was over, leaving him somewhat devestated. Showed up in Ald Raathim, at the Nymph and Noggin, a short time after it was open. Generally bothered Isidor and Kethiah, ended up leaving Ald Raathim and returning a short while later, and saving Kethiah's life.



    The usual Nord stuff ...



      Isidor: Half Brother

      Kethiah: Sister-in-law

      Tilitalia, Tyradil, Eodir: Uncle



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