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Character Sheet - Isidor

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General Information

    Race: Nord

    Gender: Male

    Birthsign: The Lady

    Age: Born 3E395 (35 in the year 3E430)

    Class/Occupation: Adventurer/Tavernkeeper/Father/Husband

    Birthplace: Small village, Skyrim




    Tall, well built, attractive nord, with ice blue eyes. Long blonde hair, past shoulder length by now. Handsome face, with an almost built in good natured grin.



    Isidor was kicked out of Skyrim at the age of 18, after killing a man, who had killed his family. He would later return here, and ... well, get chased out of the town again. Sometime later, when he was living in Dagon Fel, he met up with Gram, Shaka, Falco, and Slyvos, who were passing there at the time. He followed them back to Ald Raathim, and became a resident of the then, small town. After sometime of living in Ald Raathim, Isidor met, slept with, and subsequently fell in love with Kethiah. After some cajoling, two near death experiences, and one chase through Tamriel, they fell in love, and opened a tavern together, the Nymph and Noggin. Before this however, Isidor had gone back to Skyrim to tie up lose ends, which ended up with him running out of Skyrim again, this time with his two children, Tyradil and Tilitalia. Since then, Kethiah and Isidor have married, and had a child of their own, Eodir.



    Drinking, fighting, women (Kethiah, specifically), fighting, and being a good father.



      Kethiah: Wife

      Tyradil: Son

      Tilitalia: Daughter

      Eodir: Son




      - -




      1. Nordic Battleaxe, which has some sort of enchantment on it.



      - none -

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