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Character Sheet - Kethiah

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General Information

    Race: Dunmer

    Gender: Female

    Birthsign: The Lord

    Age: Born 3E392 (38 in the year 3E430)

    Class/Occupation: Ex-Assassin / Excise and Import/Export Agent for Ald Raathim / Tavernkeeper for the Nymph and Noggin / (Secretly Ald Raathim's Spymaster)

    Birthplace: Unknown



    Strong-featured and striking rather than pretty, Kethiah usually dresses the part of the tavernkeeper, though in the past, she was quite the master of disguise. She has also let her hair grow in her retired life: from nearly shaved to shoulder length. Most distinctive are her eyes -- one Dunmer red, and one bright violet. There is a small scar on her forehead from where she received the blow that caused this change.




    Kethiah’s past is mysterious and sometimes contradictory, but she is known to have been an assassin, at one time the most deadly in the east. Whether she was freelance, an agent of the Dark Brotherhood, or a member of the Morag Tong is unknown to all but her.


    A few facts from her past have surfaced among her close friends. She was raised in a family of assassins, performing her first kill at age six. At some point over the years, she met Ingmar, the brother of her future husband Isidor. They had an affair while she was undercover in Skyrim, and she left suddenly, an act that it took Ingmar some time to forgive her for.


    What else is known is that she developed a personal and professional relationship with Dres Jazbet, aiding him in some of the shadier matters required of his lordship. Cold and professional, she nevertheless vowed never to assassinate anyone associated with Ald Raathim, though she was hired by Queen Elysana once to track down Tris Gaerington in the city, but not to kill him. She did several more jobs for the Queen of Wayrest, but in her last one, she failed, and Queen Elysana sent her own Spymaster Herwyn Brand to kill her. Brand was not successful, but Kethiah was severely wounded in the battle, the evidence of which is her left eye which turned violet after sustaining a heavy blow.


    Kethiah was rescued by the Nord Isidor, who had fallen in love with her. Surrendering to her own feelings for him, and realizing after the attack that the time had come for her to retire, Kethiah and Isidor bought a tavern together on the wharf of Ald Raathim, the Nymph and Noggin.


    Not content to being merely a tavernkeeper, Kethiah also took the position of Loranna’s excise and import/export agent, and used that as a cover for a more secret position, that of the Duchess’s Spymaster. After several months of those duties, Kethiah became pregnant, and finally married her lover and co-tavernkeep Isidor. In her eighth month of pregnancy, she was ordered to stay in bed, after a serious complication. She surrendered her duties as tavernkeep to Isidor, and her duties as excise and import/export agent (and Spymaster) to the ex-smugglers Alas and Alack.


    A few days after giving birth to a healthy boy, Eodir Isidorsen, she was well enough to resume her work as the tavernkeep of the Nymph and Noggin. A few months after that, she resumed her duties as Loranna's Excise and Import/Export Agent ... as well as her Spymaster.



    Exercise, intrigue, and child care.



      Isidor: husband

      Eodir: son

      Tyradil: stepson

      Tilitalia: stepdaughter

      Ingmar: brother-in-law




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