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Character Sheet - Kratos

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    Race: Dunmer

    Gender: Male

    Birthsign: The Warrior

    Age: Born 3E205 (225 in the year 3E430)

    Class/Occupation: Warrior/Former Ordinator/Former Grandmaster of Muatramer

    Birthplace: Unknown, Morrowind




    A handsome, muscular Dunmer of about 6' tall. He is blind in his left eye due to the scar left by a Winged Twilight during the Blue Dawn. Kratos' hairstyle of choice is bald for reasons known only to him. He also has a few Dunmeri piercings. He used to be the picture perfect Ordinator back when they were enforcing the law and suppressing dissidents, meaning he was quick to anger and unforgiving. Over the past couple of years he has grown out of this phase and become a kind and caring mer, however.



    Kratos was born into a strict culture as an Indoril. He was drawn by honor and religion to enlist in the ranks of the Ordinators when he was very young. As a servant to Almsivi Kratos learned many lessons and traditions of the Dunmeri culture under their governing Tribunal. The young mer grew through the ranks of the Ordinators until he was promoted to Captain of the Watch in Vivec. He was given the gift of the Gavel of the Ordinator by Lord Vehk himself for outstanding service and leadership.


    Once the blight of Dagoth Ur was taken care of by the Nerevarine, Kratos figured a new age of peace and prosperity would ensue, even that Morrowind would rise up and reclaim their land from the Imperial invaders. But, with the coming of the Blue Dawn and the loss of his brethren it wouldn't be as he would have liked. When the Ordinators sided with Azura/Loranna and became the Azurites, Kratos rejected her offer and was banished from his order for it; that is when he received his scar as they stripped him of his rank and sent him tumbling down the steps of Vivec's Palace.


    The following months after that Kratos spent his time raiding Daedric Shrines and killing all unholy creatures that were unfortunate enough to cross his path. On one particular day the former Ordinator had come across a Daedric Shrine where he was wounded by a Dremora Lord. He made his way to the closest town of Ald Raathim, collapsing before actually making it into the small settlement. He was healed by a Breton mage named Arynel, he didn't know at the time that he was one of the Triune of the New Temple.


    With the plague of ghosts haunting the Mundus, Kratos was possessed by the spirit of an Ordinator he had executed for murder charges. The spirit had framed him for very angry behavior and passed him off as a criminal; he was arrested after fighting in the arena, during the closed hours, with an Argonian named Falco Redflash. The spirit was eventually cast out with the help of General Cyndarius of the Imperial Legions. And a new fight arose.


    The following events had Kratos fighting for Tamriel itself as reality was broken and the Azurites dominated. An army was formed to march against them and protect the Emperor as the chosen eight journeyed through the spheres. Kratos was part of this army. They were victorious at the Imperial City as the eight broke Azura's hold over reality and peace was restored once again.


    The former Ordinator found that his newfound home of Ald Raathim was prospering greatly as the small town evolved into the large city he now knows. As Helseth played his hand in the diplomatic meetings between the Great Houses, Kratos found himself in a terrible situation as the Indoril formed an alliance with Redoran and Morrowind erupted into civil war. The Dunmeri warrior decided to cast away his Indoril heritage, realizing that they were about no more than clinging to the past and supporting slavery.


    Kratos had been planning with his close friends Vaan Surethi and Necron for some time on reestablishing the lost Ordinator order and they were successful in a sense. After Kratos approached Archpatriarch Allerleirauh with their intentions the Muatramer were formed to give the New Temple a military arm and to show themselves worthy in the eyes of King Helseth. The former Ordinator had been given the honor of becoming Grandmaster of the Muatramer Order of War. With his headquarters in Molag Mar, Kratos had enough strategical power to force the enemy alliance into a fight for Vvardenfell.


    He had captured and lost many towns and cities on Vvardenfell and had been dubbed an enemy of the Indoril and Redoran alliance. They decided to end this nuisance once and for all by gathering thier forces and marching on Kratos' command post of Molag Mar. The battle would have been lost if his friends from Ald Raathim did not arrive to reinforce the Muatramer. Kratos used a secret weapon in this battle that combined with the hardened fighting skills of his friends bought them enough time for the Imperial forces to make their way to the docks. But they were in for a shock.


    The battle was going their way until the appearance of a mighty figure in the sky, it was Almalexia. She blasted away at the Muatramer and their allies, devastating their fortifications and sending Kratos hurtling from his position on top of the canton to the plaza. Knowing full well that the true Almalexia was dead, Kratos mustered a force and marched down to the bridge leading onto the canton to make a last stand. Accompanying him was the pregnant Duchess of Daruhn, Loranna. They fought bravely but all seemed to be lost until Almalexia vanished and the Imperials set foot on the canton. They drove the Redoran and Indoril back and finally forced them to retreat. The day was won and the aftermath horrible.


    Allerleirauh had given him the order to capture and hold all Shrines on Vvardenfell to keep the populace under the banner of Almsivi; for this he enlisted the help of one of his friends, Anya. Under the supervision of Kratos a young captain by the name of Ivelaes Vandal was transferred to the Order of War. Kratos revealed himself as his father and they grew closer as a family. With his son made a commander and the Muatramer confident of their potential after the battle of Molag Mar the fortress of Telasero was captured thanks to the "geographical investigator" Goranthir's help. His friends Anya and Shaka fought in this battle as well.


    It was all in vain as Kratos learned of the raising of a mechanical army that could destroy all of the major holdings under Helseth's banner. Mournhold, Ald Raathim, Vivec, and Molag Mar were marked for destruction. Vivec was lost but Molag Mar had luckily pulled through and defeated the machines of Sotha Sil. Kratos grew weary of battle as he learned the New Temple was giving up on the Muatramer. He returned to Ald Raathim with his loyal forces following at their own will. His claimed home of Ald Raathim was devastated by the machines of Seht as well.


    With the war weighing heavy on his shoulders, Kratos left Morrowind and it's troubles to journey through Skyrim where he learned many things from the Nords of the frozen province.


    He returned to Morrowind early in the year 3E432. In 3E433 he attended the Engagement Ball of Uriel VII's heir Geldall where the three heirs were all assassinated by the Mythic Dawn cult.


    Where he is now is a mystery all it's own.



    Kratos enjoys reading as much as he does adventuring. He is very interested in the magickal arts nowadays and spends alot of his time researching enchanted objects and spells when he gets the chance. He still upholds his beliefs and ideals of Almsivi although he researches the other religions of Tamriel.



      Ivelaes: Son

      Athera: Wife (possibly deceased)

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