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Character Sheet - Llana Arydon

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Llana Arydon


General Information

    Race: Bosmer

    Gender: Female

    Birthsign: The Tower

    Age: unknown

    Class/Occupation: Counterfiter

    Birthplace: Alanor, Summerset




    Llana is short for a woodelf, long blonde hair, often tied in a ponytail, she wears leather armour



    Llana grew up in the Valenwood commission in Firsthold. During the War of the Blue Divide, Llana and her family were arrested as spys for the Valenwood government, and imprisoned in an internment camp. It was there, Llana learned the skill of Forgery, counterfeiting fake passes, money to bribe the guards with, ecetera. On the wars conclusion, Llana and her family were released. Most of them returned to Valenwood, but Llana remained in Firsthold, building up a reputation to equal any for forgery's. Work, however takes her outside Summerset Isles, so she does not keep a home... in till Jana recommended she visited Ald Raathim, where she got neat accommodation on a certain vessel owned by a pair of twins, who became her employer. Now, what exactly she is doing for them, is an unknown.



    Money, Fish







      1. Dark Leather Armour




      1. Ebony Bow

      2. Arrows of Area Effect



      1. Portable Printing Press

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