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Character Sheet - Loranna Pyrel

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Loranna Pyrel


General Information


    Race: Nord

    Gender: Female

    Birthsign: The Lover

    Age: Born 14th of Sun's Dawn, 3E402 (31 by the time of Emperor Uriel Septim's assassination)

    Class/Occupation: Healer/Noble

    Birthplace: Hafgasnar, Skyrim Province




    Born to a troubled and ultimately broken household in the Nord village of Hafgasnar Loranna's early years were not terribly happy. Her mother, rejected by her own father, desperate for attention and love and yet unable to cope with raising a daughter, went mad when her second child was stillborn. Her father, never the parential type to begin with and given to wanderlust, kept leaving his wife and daughter while he went on ill-omened adventures, bringing home little if anything to support his family. Things came to a head when Mista, in the grip of her madness, refused to let go of the corpse of her baby boy, insisting he was still alive and lavishing her attention on him instead of Loranna; enraged, Gram swore his daughter would not be raised by a madwoman and took Loranna onto the open road at the young age of four. The remainder of Loranna's preteen years were spent either on the run from monsters in the wild, or waiting in taverns and temples for her father to return from another failed adventure. By the age of thirteen, she was left in a tavern in the Imperial City, and her father never came back; she grew to adulthood working as a barmaid.


    While traveling with her father, Loranna was swayed to the worship of Azura early on, seeing the Prince of Moonshadow as a distant but loving mother figure. She kept her Daedra worshipping secret, however, having learned early on that the way to survive was to keep a low profile. Though vivacious and lusty by nature, and wanting to be a good, caring person, Loranna never developed strong people skills, nor did she learn how to set boundaries between herself an others. Her good looks and friendly, likable nature often attracted the eye of passing adventurers and soldiers in her tavern-turned-home, though not the caring, heroic prince Loranna dreamed of finding. Her father's stories of heroism in the family and his own abortive efforts to live up to those stories left a mark on the young Loranna as well, planting the seed of desire to be a heroine herself someday, and help people all over with her sweetness and her love.


    So, when the weakend Daedra Prince Azura sought a vessel in which to recover after the Trial of Vivec, she found Loranna to be the perfect candidate: someone who already was devoted to her, who wanted a chance to do something heroic, yet who was naive enough to be easily fooled and unassertive enough to be easily controlled ...




    Since the beginning of the Blue Dawn, Loranna has struggled to live up to the ideal woman she has always dreamt of being. Her talents and her inclinations drew her to the Healer's arts, and to the worship of Dibella, the goddess she mantled to help save the world from Azura. She has tried very hard to be not just a good adventurer, but also a good person; she likes attention and praise and knows this, but she constantly tries to temper her own selfishness with compassion for others and what understanding she has learned in her travails.


    Magically, Loranna loves magic which gives energy and aid to others (example: Healing spells, Shield spells, Fortifying spells), magic which takes energy from others for herself (example: Absorb Health/Fatigue, Spell Absorption), illusionary magics, and frost magics. Loranna is also a skilled alchemist, finding the art of marrying two different things together to create something magical a rewarding and pleasing pursuit.


    Loranna is not by nature a physical combatant, prefering to fight using her magic; oftentimes in battles she is supporting her friends and allies rather than striking the enemy directly. Nonetheless, Loranna has learned how to move and cast in light armors for protection, and has learned the use of daggers, short swords, maces, and staves for fighting. Her style of physical combat is defensive, relying on her grace and agility to protect herself from attack and find a chance to cast a spell.


    Loranna is uncomfortable using summoning magic for some reason, generally only using summoning scrolls (and then only for filling soul gems); she also has a dislike of the curses and drain/damage spells from the School of Destruction, and avoids using them. She also, despite her continual reliance on enchanted items and her constant nagging of her husband to make her new items, has yet to really master the art of enchanting.


    Loranna is not the world's best cook, but has learned enough to keep herself and her companions from starving while on adventures; similarly, while not by any means an armorsmith or a weaponsmith, she has picked up the useful skills of maintaining armor and weapons in the field - thanks in no small part to her friend Reichi. She is, however, a very fine dancer - not on Allerleirauh's level but still notable for her skill.


    Though not formally trained in the arts of statesmanship and diplomacy, Loranna has by virtue of necessity become increasingly profecient at both; she has slowly gained the confidence to trust her ability to be the Duchess of Ald Raathim.


Updated History, Oblivion Crisis:


Loranna, due to the machinations of an unknown enemy, was briefly imprisoned in the Imperial Dungeons in the months preceeding the infamous day of Uriel Septim VII's assasination, the old warrent for her arrest due to her activities as the Incarnate having finally caught up with her. Thanks in no small part to the efforts of her friends, Loranna recieved a pardon for her crimes from Uriel Septim himself, and thus was witness to the slaying of the Emperor's three sons at Prince Geldall's wedding ball.


During the Oblivion Crisis, Loranna attempted repeatedly to return to Morrowind, concerned for Ald Raathim and for her children, now left without their parents due to the crisis. The Mage Guild refused to give her transportation to Morrowind, however, and the roads from Cheydinhal were closed off, leaving Loranna to fend for herself in Daedra-beseiged Cyrodiil. Loranna's activities during the Oblivion Crisis are not totally known, but it is clear from hints that she has dropped that she spent a lot of time working to close Oblivion Gates and helping the Mage Guild in its struggle with Mannimarco. Loranna also met and befriended Suiko, the Ohme-Raht from Chorral, during this time, and together the two women saved a unicorn from a hunter.


As a result of her time spent adventuring alone, Loranna refined her combat style, adopting tactics commonly associated with Nightblades and Spellswords in order to survive the horrors of Oblivion.


Current Events:


Due to several severe lapses in judgement, Loranna was banished from Morrowind by an irate King Heselth, having driven the Nords out of Ald Raathim instead of securing their loyalty or killing them as the King would have wished. Currently, Loranna resides with her family in the refurbished ruins of Fort Cedrian in Cyrodiil, where she lends her skills and experience to help the heroine Wriph achieve her dream of a safe haven for those who reject tyrants and conquerers.



      Mista Pyrel: Mother (Deceased)

      Gram Pyrel: Father

      Johan Pyrel: Baby Brother (Stillborn)

      Dres Jazbet: First Husband (Deceased)

      Slyvos Araberith: Second Husband

      Sen-Yedda: Daughter by Azura and Vivec

      Seres/Rasar: Son-in-law by Dres Jazbet

      Stalker: Brother-in-law (Jazbet's side)

      Fjord: Son (born in the month of the Atronach, 3E431)

      Alanya: Daughter (born in the month of the Tower, 3E432)

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