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Character Sheet - Morgiah

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    Morgiah was born in 3E 384, the second child of Queen Barenziah and the late King Symmachus. During her family’s sojourn in Wayrest, she aided her brother Helseth in his struggle to take the throne, while she worked on her own future should Elysana win instead.


    Through an emissary, she swore to Mannimarco, the King of Worms, she would give "her first" in order to become the Queen of Firsthold in the Summerset Isle. The deal was accepted and in the short time she departed from Wayrest to join King Reman of Firsthold as the Queen of Firsthold. The racism there is famous, with few accepting of a Dunmer Queen. It is not only for her plotting and ruthless nature she becomes known as the "Black Queen.”


    With Mannimarco seemingly gone after the Warp in the West, Morgiah felt that she had won the throne without having to give anything up. She had her first child, Goranthir, and another, a daughter Rinnala, a few years later. Her attitude towards her children was never maternal, but she kept an eye out for signs that the King of Worms may be returning, bribing a sload priest in Thras to be her spy there.


    Morgiah, ever proud, refused to apologize for this deal with the devil when confronted by Goranthir years later. It was not until it was made clear that Mannimarco had returned and turned her son into the monstrous Geht that she realized her folly.


    Morgiah may not be a sentimental type, but her loyalty to her family has been proven time after time. When her brother Helseth asked for military and financial help in the Civil War, she quickly came to his aid. When her mother Barenziah told her that she must give up the throne of Wayrest to save the soul of her son, she divorced Reman, whom she loved, and with her daughter Rinnala, went to Morrowind.


    The former Princess of Wayrest and Black Queen of Firsthold, Morgiah as the sister of the King, became known as simply Muthsera Hlaalu Morgiah. Her daughter and her lived with Helseth, Barenziah, and Dinara in the royal palace in Mournhold, though she took several trips to Ald Raathim in preparation for the War Of The Wormking.


    Following those events, with Goranthir saved, Morgiah and Reman were reconcilled. Though they could not remarry out of fear of triggering Mannimarco's curse again, Morgiah now lives in Firsthold as the Royal Consort, and her children Goranthir and Rinnala are heirs to the throne.


    Image of Morgiah courtesy of Rhedd.

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