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Character Sheet - Nalion Leoriane

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Nalion Leoriane


General Information

    Race: Breton

    Gender: Male

    Birthsign: The Atronarch

    Age: Born 3E394 (36 in the year 3E430)

    Class/Occupation: Mage

    Birthplace: Llainfair, High Rock Province




    Nalion is a Breton mage of roughly 35 years. He wears his brown hair at a medium length, his matching brown eyes often look thoughtful. Nalion's figure is slender and of medium height. He is usually seen wearing a simple unadorned robe, as he never found armour other than his own willpower useful to him. He is a quiet man and usually plans his next steps, which sometimes leads to the conclusion that he is reluctant to act, though at the one or other occasion he has proven that recklessness isn't strange to him. Nalion is compassionate in a silent and inconspicious way, mostly because of the history of his youth.

    Otherwise, he shares the classical attributes of the general Breton, Nalion is willful and intelligent, intensified by his profession, and has a faible for poetry and scholarly pursuit.



    Nalion was born in a small village named Llainfair south of the city Shornhelm in High Rock Province. He has left his home 18 years ago in the hurry of a dark night with his love Lirielle, the daughter of a local noble. Though pursued by her father's guards, the two lovers successfully made it across the border to Cyrodiil. Since this time, he hasn't set foot on High Rock again. He lived with Lirielle happily for two years, until she tragically died by disease. This major blow had set Nalion wandering aimlessly throughout Tamriel, but of these years, except for a extended stay in Lainlyn in Hammerfell (where he has made friends with Gistral), almost nothing is known.

    In recent times, Nalion was shortly aligned to Great House Telvanni in the Morrowind province, but has revoked his ties and been expelled. Through chance or fate, he became involved in the events of what later would be known as the Trail of Frozen Tears and since then, he had spent his time accompanying Loranna's entourage during its trips through Skyrim and Morrowind.


    Nalion was more of a silent watcher during the events of the Evening and Morning Star Parade until the events in Vivec that lead to what was later to be named Blue Dawn. From then on, things changed significantly and Nalion took his first steps into a bigger world. He fought with the group who had entered the Vaults of Gemin in search of the jewel Flamekiss and helped in devising the plan to use an artifact called 'Eidolon' on the Pillar of Dawn that the Azurites had erected at Red Mountain and participated in the final battle in the very heart of the volcano.


    During the group's adventures in High Rock, Nalion took his chance to reunite himself with his family, yet was imprisoned by the father of his long-dead love. Only by the help of his friends, he was able to right the wrongs in his village and had a chance to finally lay the spirit of his beloved Lirielle to rest.

    In the following days he spent some time at Solunastra in Daggerfall where he witnessed the growing danger of the ghost problem. He also met Doll there, whom he helped overcome a ghost of her past, which later would lead to other struggles.

    After the adventures in High Rock, Nalion returned to Ald Raathim and helped to defeat Raithmat's Ghost. As the ghost problem proved persistent, Nalion was contacted by Tris and asked to find a means of creating an item which could store the history of their adventures in the gruesome events to come. Nalion returned from his search with the Mythopoeic Archive.

    After the Eight set out to travel the spheres of the Aedra, Nalion joined up with Cyndarius and headed towards Cyrodiil to dave the Emperor from the Azurites. After many toils from the heroes in the spheres and those in Cyrodiil, reality could be restored.


    After this time, events calmed down and grew more pleasant. Nalion began to show great affection towards Doll and although courting her was hard and at times ended in disputes and tears, they finally found together and went on a pleasure cruise in the Iliac Bay.


    The Arena would not be called the Arena though, if there wasn't another conflict brooding just behind the horizon. The Civil War in Morrowind broke out and Mannimarco was on the rise, claiming Goranthir for his own. Nalion helped in defending Ald Raathim, then, after he had learned of Mannimarco's presence on Nirn headed for Firsthold to gather more information. There, he found a book which would give clues how the contract between Morgiah and Mannimarco - the reason why Goranthir turned into Geht - could be broken. Later on, Nalion helped to liberate Tel Dresori from a vampire infestation, then joined his friends in their final move against Mannimarco in Ephesus. Many dangers had to be overcome until Goranthir was wrestled from Mannimarco's grasp. As they finally stood before the King of Worms, he destroyed a Blightstone and all of the party was sucked into the stone by its implostion. By all means, Nalion should have been dead, but he found himself - with all of his friends - in a dreamworld created by Sheogorath. This mad dream, where they relived the event's of Hearthfire Ball where everything began, ended with a dance between Sheogorath and Azura and the dream dissolved afterwards, bringing them back to Sentinel. Alive and sane.

    Through accident, Nalion brought a Lady Somnia Nyx, an imperial noblewoman from Cyrodiiil, from the dream into the world, which was the initial reason for Nalion to go to Cyrodiil after Mannimarco's undead armies had been defeated.


    Nalion is currently travelling in Cyrodiil by his own.



    Nalion is a mage by trade. He has taken his first steps in this craft in his home village of Llainfair with his teacher Master Mebestian. During his years of wandering throughout Tamriel, he has increased his basic skills simply out of the necessity to survive. His proficiency lies mostly within the school of Destruction Magic, Mysticism and Alteration. Nalion usually avoids the summoning of creatures, yet still is trained well in Conjuration. He has a good, yet not excellent grasp on the School of Illusion, and the basic knowledge in Restoration needed for a mage to fix himself up after a fight. During his time in House Telvanni, Nalion has trained in the arts of Alchemy, but is not near as skilled as his friends Allerleirauh and Loranna. The skill is sufficient though to provide him basic potions when needed. If magic fails, Nalion has been known to wield his trusted steel staff - though more a symbol to him than an actual weapon. Since Nalion was born in the month of Sun's Dusk, he is graced with the Atronarch sign.



      Nolan Leoriane: Father

      Relie Leoriane: Mother

      Cienne Leoriane: Sister

      Lirielle: former wife (deceased ~3E414)

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