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Character Sheet - Osa

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General Information

    Race: Redguard

    Gender: Female

    Birthsign: The Lady

    Age: Born 3E408 (22 in the year 3E430)

    Class/Occupation: Scholar/Adventurer

    Birthplace: Hegathe




    Slighty shorter then the average Redguard female.



    Spent most of early years in, Hegathe, learning how to cook, sketch, and of course her archery. Left on her walkabout at 16, and travelled over great distances finally ending up in one very muddy field in Skyrim...wherein she heard of a Ball in Firsthold for the kingdoms resident princess, wherein she got her first glimpse of Mannimarco. Was one of several heroes to brave the Death Aura in the Ephesus region of Hammerfell and destroy the four blightstones that were ravaging the area.



    Reading, cooking, travelling.



      Oberon Seawind: Father

      Ora: Sister

      Ota: Sister

      Mileen Seawind: Mother (deceased)




      1. none...though she does borrow a plate of Mythril from the Temple of Arkay in Sentinel every now and again



      1. Various Bows

      2. Several types of Arrows


      1. "Evercold" Flask

      2. Customized Spellbook

      3. Leather Bag

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