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Character Sheet - P'Rassha

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General Information

    Race: Cathay-raht Khajiit

    Gender: Male

    Birthsign: The Steed

    Age: Born 3E409 (21 in the year 3E430)

    Class/Occupation: Rogue/Travelling Storyteller

    Birthplace: Jo'shariit Oasis, Elsweyr




    The common people of Tamriel are used to the sight of Ohmes-raht and Suthay-raht khajiit. They heard about the different breeds of khajiit, but they are always surprised to see a Cathay-raht for the first time. Almost 3 meters tall (9 feet), the bipedal jaguars are, at first sight, a living machine of war. They are muscular, impressive and intimidating, but they retain the thieving aptitudes of their smaller kins. P'Rassha is no exception. The huge khajiit is not only a mountain of muscles, though. He is friendly, open-minded, expressive and, unfortunatly, naive.



    Although P'Rassha likes to share his own adventures, he doesn't share much about his past except for these highlights. He left Elsweyr as soon as he could hunt by himself and travelled the world since then. He sometimes talk about a mysterious employer called the Big Paw, but otherwise, all his travels are made by his own decisions.


    He wears an amulet called Violetta, and although it seems like a normal magic weapon, P'Rassha considers it is a sentient being. He hinted once about its true identity. It seems Violetta was married to a tall Nord, but someone, out of jealousy, tricked the couple into Oblivion. Only Violetta's spirit was saved from complete destruction by P'Rassha, and only barely. Now, the shattered spirit has to live inside an amulet.


    He met Loranna during the events of High Roch Hijinks, in Daggerfall. Since then, he frequently goes back to Ald Raathim between his travels to share his stories and to build new memories. His adventures with Loranna includes the search for Gram, the defense of Ald Raathim and, more recently, the confrontation with the God of Worms.



    Stories, adventures, good friends



      S'kyv: Cathay Father

      M'arrp: Senche Brother

      Inwha'nil: Senche-raht Sister-in-law

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