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Character Sheet - Reichi Sari

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Reichi Sari


General Information


    Race: Dunmer

    Gender: Male

    Birthsign: The Steed

    Age: Born 3E304 (126 in the year 3E430)

    Class/Occupation: Morag Tong Assassin , Hero

    Birthplace: Balmora, Morrowind




    Reichi Sari is a handsome looking Dunmer, and hardly looks his age. He is of average height for a Dunmer, lithe and muscular. His silver-white hair is almost always left a mess, and his firey red eyes are unusual, in that they resemble that of a wolf's. Reichi's face also has several tribal looking tattoos, which serve only the purpose of looking cool. Reichi is almost never without two items, a leather collar places around his neck by the Void Ranger Mirea, and a Ring around his finger, which has the head of a wolf engraved into it, and serves to prevent him from shapeshifting into a Werewolf while worn. Reichi usually is either in dark common clothing, or his armor.




    Reichi was born and raised in Balmora, and devolped a fascination for the Morag Tong and ended up joining them at 24. For nearly the next century, Reichi worked in the Tong, and had a extreme amount of luck. The luck however, was a mixed bag, and mostly bad, oft times would his Assassinations go horribly off plan but still kill the target (Once, culminating in the destruction of a telvanni mushroom tower...). Making him just about the clutziest looking Assassin ever.

    One day, Reichi was asigned a Writ to a Nord who had been acused of multiple gruesome murders. His victims were torn to shreds, and were missing many hunks of flesh from their corses. Reichi tracked the Nord to Solstheim, where he confronted the Nord in a cave near the Mortraag glacier(or what's left of it) as night fell. The Nord was revealled to be a Werewolf and Reichi managed to kill the Werewolf only after it managed to pin him, and bite into his shoulder (very narrowly missing his neck). Reichi set out for Fort Frostmoth, but didn't reach it in time to cure himself.

    Ever since, Reichi has been a Werewolf, and for a year, put that to good use as a assassin, moving near his targets in the day, and waiting till night fell for his Lycanthropy to kick in and kill the target. Along with any unfortunate soul nearby. His reputation quickly turned around, as the bloody corpses of his victims were like a calling card that said "Reichi Sari did this."

    Some time later, Reichi, like many others, recieved a invitation to a Ball in the Imperial city during Hearthfire. The Hearthfire Ball hosted by Darius, who had in his employ three people of note. Loranna, the Fist Of Harg, and Samson. Along the way, Reichi discovered a ring that prevents him from changing so long as it is worn (Originally, this was so i could still be around for the whole ball tongue.gif ), and arrived in Cyrodiil...

    Since that fateful day, Reichi has followed the party on its many adventures, which would be a major pain to recount in full from Reichi's perspective. In the course of these adventurers, Reichi managed to attain his control over Lycanthropy and quit the Morag Tong. Nowadays, he hangs out in Ald Raathim with most of the party. And does plan at some time to get a house there. Once the war's over, anyways.




    Reichi, despite his Morag Tong background, is actually a pretty scholarly fellow, and does like to read books and study lore. But his more apparent interest is his appitude for fighting and combat, Reichi favors shortblades in combat and if forced, is a decent hand to hand combatant. Reichi's lycanthropy opened a new avenue of combat, and he greatly enjoys fighting and killing foes in his Werewolf form. Reichi relies on light armor when in combat, and for a time considered taking up armorer studies, as he often ruined his armor upon shifting, but decided it wasn't worth the time. He made enough money on Writs to support a ruined netch armor set here or there. In addition, Reichi has some minor skill in lockpicking (something he learned to break into a house quietly so he could kill the target with minimal fuss) and is a skilled athlete and acrobat.

    And of course, like any adventurer, Reichi likes to drink, and hang around in taverns. And on occaison, the House of Dibella...



      Reichi has revealed nothing of his relatives. Though, considering his age, and the hell Morrowind, and Balmora in particular has been through, its very likely his parents are quite dead.

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