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Character Sheet - Reman

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King Reman




    The Altmer King of Firsthold, Reman is much beloved of his people, and in truth, he is a kind enough fellow if not greatly possessed of common sense. His brother was the previous King, and as his son Aedrin was still an infant, Reman took the throne.


    Almost twenty years ago, Reman married Princess Morgiah of Wayrest, after she was mysteriously able to rid his land of the spectre of Mannimarco, King of Worms. He stood by her as the racist Altmer nearly rebelled over the Dark Queen on the throne, and eventually she bore him two children -- Goranthir and Rinnala.


    An amiable but not terribly affectionate father, Reman was mildly concerned that Goranthir wasn't fitting in well at court, and alarmed when he ran away from home. Upon understanding years later that Goranthir's soul had been claimed by the King of WWorms, that that was the deal Morgiah had made for Firsthold and their marriage, he was furious, and agreed to divorce her at once. In fact, as soon as the anger subsided, he realized that he still loved his wife, and was a very poor king without her.


    Fortunately, Reman's family has been given a second chance. Morgiah is back in Firsthold, as are his children. He has recently officially made Goranthir his heir in a lavish Investiture Ceremony.

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