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Character Sheet - Shaka

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General Information

    Race: Redguard

    Gender: Male

    Birthsign: The Lover

    Age: Born 3E389 (41 in the year 3E430)

    Class/Occupation: Battlemage

    Birthplace: Unnamed village in Argonia




    Shaka is a Ra'Gada, whose copper eyes flecked with hazel are the sole remaining clue to his years as one of the People of the Root.



    Shaka didn't know his parents, born Argonian and raised communally in a small village in Black Marsh. He left the province in early adolescence before finishing the adulthood initiation rites of his tribe, and so was never fully taught of the secrets of the Hist trees. Shaka grew up among a fatalistic and insular tribe, and was the only one curious to see the larger world.


    Shaka knocked around Vvardenfell and bordering provinces, including the island of Solstheim, for decades as an amateur explorer and adventurer. He rented a floor from the orc knight Ghorak in Caldera to keep his finds, but was rarely there. Shaka joined various guilds and faiths in order to gain access to their training and knowledge, serving as a shrine sergeant for a while. Shaka earned the Spear of Bitter Mercy through a quest given by a statue of Sheogorath, and wielded it for two decades before it moved on to other, unknown heroes after the War of the Wormgod. Shaka also discovered the Dragonbone Cuirass during an exploration of the Mudan grotto and wore it for nearly as long as the Spear, but it too has moved on.


    He was away from Vvardenfell when the Blue Dawn broke out, as well as the later eruption of Red Mountain. Shaka lost most of his possessions in the latter, and decided to sail to the district (later Duchy) of Ald Raathim out of curiousity about a Dres noble abolishing slavery. Shaka has served as one of Dres Loranna Pyrel's adventurers through the several years since.


    During the events of the Blue Twilight, Shaka discovered his soul was Ra'Gada and began to consider changing his race. In the last few years before the end of the Third Era, Shaka underwent a half-legendary Dibellan rite and succeeded.



    History, Exploring ruins and tombs, Comparative religion.



      Anya: Lover

      Telera: Lover

      Eodir Isidorson: Godson





      1. Orcish, enchanted with CE strength.

      2. Miscellaneous armor won or bought over a lifetime, including ebony bracers, glass greaves, and Indoril pauldrons.




      1. With the loss of the Spear of Bitter Mercy, Shaka hasn't settled on a primary weapon yet. He continues to train with a variety of weapons, including katanas.

      2. Thom's longknife, a glass kukri.



      1. Amulet of Shadows

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