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Character Sheet - Slyvos Araberith

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Slyvos Araberith


General Information

    Race: Khajiit (Ohmes-raht )

    Gender: Male

    Birthsign: The Apprentice

    Age: Born 1E(unknown) (approx. 4000 in the year 3E430)

    Class/Occupation: Mage/Noble

    Birthplace: Unknown, Morrowind Province




    A handsome looking young Ohmes-raht male, apparently in his late 20s to early 30s, Slyvos is withdrawn, confident, and shows obvious signs of discomfort in public all at once. He usually wears modest, dark purple robes when at home and around the city, and a black and red exquisite style robe during planned battle. While obviously not in the best of shape, he has a decent amount of muscle and a healthy form. His eyes variate from a normal appearance, to a wary one that shows the obvious burden of memories long held within his ancient mind. More recently, his eyes have been known to take on a baleful green glow when angered.



    Born as a Chimer to a loving mother, and lacking a much needed father, Slyvos grew up in the rather harsh Daedra worshiping society that Morrowind had at the time. He was very young when his mother died, to the point that all he can remember of her is a single song she used to sing to him. He was then adopted into the House Dagoth, which helped him in raising himself up to be as resourceful and capable as he could possibly be. However, even after learning the path of the mage, and after gaining a nice position of power within his house, Dagoth Slyvos Araberith found himself alone.


    That was when he ran into a woman that would leave her mark on his heart, for better or for ill. The person that lead to his downward spiral into madness and death. He met this woman when she tried to pick his pocket one day. What happened between that period of time, he cannot remember in any amount of detail worth mentioning, save that it led to the couple marrying, and having several children. Three, was the number he remembers. Even this happiness was not meant to last it seemed, when he met his wayward father. The man blamed him for the death of his wife, despite any attempts on Slyvos’ behalf to sway his mind away from such thoughts. This was what led to the eventual murder of his wife, and the disappearance/death of his children.


    Having nothing left to live for, and having killed his own father, he came to the conclusion that if the world was harsh enough to be this cruel, then it did not deserve to exist. Presumptuous perhaps, but in other methods best not discussed, he found a way to see the world through to it’s end; he became a lich, one of the undead, and stripped himself of his own mortal identity. He simply called himself The Lich, and kept the house name Dagoth, which led to him being called by those few he ever came into contact with as Dagoth Lich.


    Around 4000 years of hatred and ‘studies’ later, he had grown more powerful, more complacent, and more hateful. He was also surprised at how long the world had lasted, so when the Daedroth Azura came into the world, he saw through her illusion of the world becoming a better place rather quickly. The potential to destroy the world as it was at the time was tempting, and power also had it’s appeal enough to cause him to feel the long dead echos of a love long past. It wasn’t exactly true love, more like a void in his being being filled once more. When the love switched to the mortal Azura resided in, he was shocked himself at becoming nearly fanatical in his devotion.


    Through the events of the Parade, and the Blue Dawn, he finally had come to a decision; he could no longer remain as he was, if he was going to remain with the former host of Azura. And when he finally did find a method of becoming mortal again, he leapt at the chance, living with his beloved ever since.



    From the beginning, he had two interests; his magic, and instrumental music. The first he had honed to a razor edge in relatively all respects over the 4 millennia of undeath. Though much of this power has been dulled from his return to becoming a mortal, his knowledge and power still remains vast enough that he can outmatch nearly any living mage today.


    Music was the other, which Slyvos has only recently been able to pick up on again. After a little bit of practice, he found himself still able to do this rather well, and has played his flute for several occasions, much to the happiness of his new wife.


    He has dropped his necromanctic studies for the most part, seeing as the methods disturbed those few friends he has managed to obtain, and that the more powerful useages that he had at his disposal would rip his body apart. This nearly happened on several occasions, when neglecting to use mortal sacrifices in the rituals.


    Slyvos has recently relasped into a more sadistic and dark-minded state when presented with the threat of necromancers, more resembling his former self Dagoth during these periods than he does his normal personality. It is unknown what else would trigger such repressed rage, save the mention of his deceased daughter Ashana.


    Physical battle is not Sly’s thing in the least, but when forced into it he uses strength fortification spells to restrain his opponents and channel destructive magicks into them by touch.


    Slyvos is very horrid in social situations, but knows at best when to shut up, and when speaking will help the situation. Knowing exactly what to say though, is something he can only get right with a few people.



      (Unknown) Araberith: Father (soul devoured)

      (Unknown) Araberith: Wife (deceased)

      (Unknown) Son (deceased)

      Ashana Araberith: Daughter (deceased)

      Loranna Pyrel: Second Wife

      Gram Pyrel: Father-in-Law

      Alanya Pyrel: Daughter

      Fjord Pyrel: Son


    Partial Relations:

      Dayla (through daughter’s vampiric bloodline, deceased)

      Anya (through daughter’s vampiric bloodline)





        - none named -




        - none named -



        - none named -

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