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Character Sheet - Tyradil

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General Information

    Race: Nord

    Gender: Male

    Birthsign: The Lady

    Age: Born 3E418 (15 in the year 3E433)

    Class/Occupation: Mage/Adventurer

    Birthplace: Skyrim




    Nord teenager of normal height, around 6'0, with short, spiked hair, and misty blue eyes. Looks more like his mother than his father, inheriting her high cheekbones, and her smile.



    Tyradil, along with his twin sister, Tilitalia, was born and rasied by their mother in the small Nordic town of Astril's Hollow. For 11 years, he didn't know his father, as Isidor had been exiled before their birth, because of a murder he committed. 11 years later, Isidor returned, and stole the kids back, bringing them back to Ald Raathim. Tyradil still bears some ill will towards his father for abandoning him and his sister, but he loves him. He has also taken some time adjusting to having Kethiah as his mother, but he loves her very much now.


    In contrast to his sister, Tyradil prefers magic as his weapon, and is well versed in all schools of magic, and relies on them heavily. He has had one girlfriend, but that ended after her parents made it clear that they didn't want their daughter around a Nordic boy.


    He is currently interested in Rinnala, princess of Firsthold, who he didn't know was a princess until after he kissed her in a mead hall in Skyrim.



    All the schools of magic, adventuring, politics.



      Isidor: father


      Tilitalia: sister

      Eodir: (step)brother




      1. Starlight blue Mages's robes, that were given to him by Isidor and Kethiah as a birthday present for his 14th birthday. They have a small fortify magicka enchantment on them.








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