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Character Sheet - Vaan

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Vaden Alnas Aldam Nalos


General Information

    Race: Dunmer

    Gender: Male

    Birthsign: The Tower

    Age: Born 1E2049 (2200 in the year 3E433)

    Class/Occupation: Telvanni Magister

    Birthplace: unknown, Morrowind




    Vaden is a 6'4 Dunmer, with Silver hair. Despite his age, he does in fact look quite young, about 25-30 ish. His hair is quite short and roguish. He is quite muscular due to a preference to physical fighting as well as magical. Emotionally, Vaden seems somewhat mellow and calm, he does however, get melodramatic at times and is unfortunately prone to blind loyalty, something which his friend, Asshirinei, has been trying to stamp out. Emotionally, Vaden has all the calm resolve of a good leader, but beneath this lies a fury and persona that all Telvanni hold: Politically brutal and of uncertain agenda. Vaden's personal symbol is that of the Rose of Winter - a blue rose, something that does not occur naturally, or at least not where Vaden lives anyway.


Of most important note is Vaden's seperation from the rest of his Kin. Psycholigically, Vaden holds all the basic traits: Deception, Political intrigue, Megalomania, etc. However, his exposure to "The OtherWorld", the rest of Tamriel, has warped this somewhat. Vaden has learnt beyond the basic Telvanni cycle of power, and thinks he knows how to exploit itself against it.



    Vaden was born somewhere in the northeast of Morrowind or even Vvardenfell under the full name of "Vaden Alnas Aldam Nalos". His Early life is completely unknown, apart from a few meagre details about being indoctrinated by the Tribunal religion and being dragged into a world apart from the Telvanni. This seperate existence and experience of it appear to have skewed his once traditionally Telvanni personality into something perhaps more dangerous. His re-appearance into the world of significance came when he met Loranna at a wedding in Daggerfall, about 3 years after the events of Red Mountain and the Nerevarine, and he has been assisting her in various ways ever since.





    Vaan has an interest in a fighting style involving both magicka and swordplay. He uses it to great effect in battles, having had a long time to practise it. He is also interested in Machines (like a lot of Telvanni), and often messes with the mechanical crabs left over from the Battle of Ald Raathim - and in fact has been doing so for many years now.



    Personal Quotes


      "To the world, the Telvanni are all but insane. To the Telvanni, the world is all but insane."


      "The Telvanni have perfected and naturalised a reclusive society based upon climbing up a political ladder that is slippery with blood. At the top of this, there lies no power, for everyone below you wants to be where you are. I've seen the outside world, I've seen my own world from the outside. I want to change it...I think I'm broken."







      Mistress Therana: Mother - Possibly (and hopefully) deceased

      *unknown*: wife - deceased

      *unknown*: children - all deceased

      about 20-ish generations of offspawn from them - unknown status.

      Asshirinei - closest friend.



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