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Page history last edited by Nalion 13 years, 11 months ago

Welcome to Loranna's RP new Wiki Page!

    Greetings traveler, and welcome to the source guide for the Loranna RP on the Elder Scrolls Lore Forum. Help yourself to our stock of fine Wayrest vintage and have a look around :)


    Things you can expect to find in these pages:


    1. A summary of the events chronicled in the Loranna RP

    2. A character roster for the major and minor players in the RP

    3. A list of famous locations visited by the characters

    4. A description of the mighty artifacts the players have found in their travels - or had used against them, or even outright destroyed.


News and Updates

    • Update, 07-04-2007: Our Wiki-Upgrade has expired and our storage space has been reduced. Therefore, I will take down the Mythopoeic Archives. If the Archives are needed, contact me through the regular channels. - Nalion


    • Update, 12-24-2006: Merry Christmas, happy holidays and a wonderful new year to all past and present players! - Nalion


    • Update, 12-13-2006: More updating of the Mythopoeic Archives, and some long-overdue updating of my character bios. Hopefully, even more updates will come in the ensuing days from this prodigal Wiki author ~_^ - Loranna


    • Update, 9-17-2006: The Mythopoeic Archive has been updated with the newest threads, including the first two '2nd Anniversary Celebration'-Threads. I've also started to use a new Wiki feature called tags and added those to select pages of the Wiki. These tags summarize related content in the wiki and can be displayed on one page. Check it out: Loranna's RP Wiki Tags! - Nalion






    Table of Contents


    Rules, Tips and Tricks


      These chapters contain rules and important information that everyone interested in the roleplay should read and follow. Those who have been given rights to edit this Wiki-Page should read and abide the Wiki rules linked to below.


    1. Loranna's Roleplaying Chatroom -> Guide on joining the Loranna RP Chatroom
    2. Preliminary Rule Page -> Updated preliminary rules. ALL new players are required to read this page first before posting in this RP!
    3. Loranna's Roleplaying Rules -> important RP rules of conduct, please read!
    4. Loranna's Roleplaying Threads - Tips and Tricks -> New players, please read here!
    5. Loranna's RP Wiki Rules -> important Wiki editing information, please read!
    6. WikiBasics -> important information regarding editing the wiki and creating new pages.


    Summaries and General Information

      The section below is dedicated to present the long history of this RP and the effects it had on Tamriel in a compressed and easily accessible form. We encourage new players to have a look at the Summary of Events and the Regions and Places overview before joining the roleplay, as well as invite the veterans to refresh good memories of past events!
    1. Loranna's Roleplaying Threads - Summaries of Events
    2. Loranna's Roleplaying Threads - Regions and Places
    3. Loranna's Roleplaying Threads - Cartography Collection
    4. Loranna's Roleplaying Threads - Calendar
    5. Loranna's Roleplaying Threads - Timeline (tentative)
    6. Loranna's Roleplaying Threads - The Mythopoeic Archives
    7. Loranna's Roleplaying Threads - A Brief Overview of Artifacts


    Character Information

    1. Table of Characters
    2. Table of Character Equipment
    3. Important Minor Characters
    4. List of Character Tales and Myths


    Extraneous Roleplaying

    1. Loranna's Roleplaying - Ancillary Adventures
    2. Loranna's Roleplaying - Ancillary Characters
    3. Loranna's Roleplaying - Character History
    4. Loranna's Roleplaying - Independent Adventures
    5. Loranna's Roleplaying - Helpful Information
    6. Loranna's Roleplaying Threads - The Lost Scriptures Collection
    7. Loranna's Roleplaying Character Picture Madness

    To Do List

    1. ToDoList


    External Links

    1. The Elder Scrolls
    2. The Elder Scrolls Forums


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    All other material is © of its respective authors and may not be republished without permission.

    We are not responsible for the content of external links.

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