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Location Guide: Ald Raathim

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Loranna's RP: Location Guide

Ald Raathim (Morrowind)


    Ald Raathim, located east of Tel Silgrad and south of Blacklight, on the Inner Sea coast, the ancient seat of House Raathim (which brought forth such characters as Empress Katariah I. and Queen Barenziah) has experienced a lot of history during the last one and a half years.


    Beginning as a small, but promising, town under the late Lord Jazbet, Ald Raathim is located in House Dres territory and has experienced major growth and prosperity. The first stepstone of this prosperity was the abolition of slavery, long before King Helseth took this step for the whole of Morrowind. During the Blue Dawn, the war with the Azurites, many refugees and heroes have gathered in this town and built up an existance, culminating in the successful victory over an Azurite army that attacked the town. After Lord Jazbet's death, Loranna took up the mantle of leadership. The town began to prosper, and with the good will of Queen Barenziah, is now a flourishing trade city with many opportunities.


    The most important building of Ald Raathim, and the starting point for many adventures, great and small, would probably be Castle Daruhn, residence of Duchess Loranna and Duke Slyvos.


    The Nymph and Noggin tavern down at the docks of Ald Raathim has risen to the second most important place, a providing convenient room for a gathering of heroes. The Nymph and Noggin is in truth two taverns in one. A more common style tavern named the Noggin, and the Nymph, the noble part in a more luxurious style. The observant visitor may recognize the paintings of some heroes of Ald Raathim decorationg its walls. The Nymph and Noggin is run by Kethiah and Isidor.


    There are two other taverns in Ald Raathim. The first local tavern was the Drunken guar, a commoner's tavern, but refuge and place to talk for heroes and commoners alike. It has lost much of the heroes' interest, since the Nymph and Noggin has replaced it as the meeting place of the heroes of Ald Raathim. The other tavern is called the Bloody Sandal and is close to the Arena of Ald Raathim and is thus frequented by the warriors and spectators there.


    Ald Raathim's Arena provides entertainment for the steadily growing population, featuring various arena fights as well as races. One of the prominent stakeholders in the Arena venture - and a runner himself - is Count Sternhart, Tris Gaerington.


    The most reknown smithy in Ald Raathim is run by a Nord called Floki Longhammer, truly a master in his craft. Be it weapon or armour of whatever material, you'll probably find help here.


    The Mages Guild is currently led by Magister Zadion and provides all the services that are expected of this institution, including a Guild Guide. Additionally, it is providing a summoning room in the cellars. The Mage Guild has recently moved to a new location, but it is still sometimes referred to as "the Farmhouse" by some who remember what building first housed the guild.


    The House of Healers is headed by Egalius Soccitus. Whoever experienced injuries, sickness, poison or anything else ailing body or mind and escaped Loranna's own healing abilities, will surely find help with Egalius.


    The school of Ald Raathim, led by Headistress Dalavesa Rathryon, provides education for the promising youth - a melting pot of various races - of Ald Raathim and is working on a collection for a library of it's own.


    For the religious and pious among the citizens of Ald Raathim, there are many possibilities. As every larger city in Morrowind, a traditional Dunmer Temple can be found in Ald Raathim. However, due to much foreign influence and the Duchess' own suggestions, there is also a Temple dedicated to Dibella, introducing the new rite of the "Passion of the Fiery Heart of Dibella", specially created for Morrowind. Currently, a temple of Zenithar is being built at the docks. The probably most prominent "representatives" of this "Resolution of Zenithar" are Alas and Alack


    Aside from these locations, Ald Raathim has many shops and stores to be proud of and where many adventurers have spent many more coins.


    Recent rumours from Ald Raathim

    After a massive attack by Redoran forces, Ald Raathim was hit hard, but managed to defend itself. However, the city duffered significant damage. During the assault, many soldiers and citizens were killed, buildings destroyed, the defensive walls broken and many shops were damaged. Trade is still limited but Ald Raathim currently tries to reestablish trade routes, both by sea and by land. For the land trade route, a more secretive, though slower trail has been found, avoiding the open roads monitored by Redoran and Indoril troops. The farmland surrounding Ald Raathim has suffered from Redoran raids. A large tent town has been erected in the city to give refugees a provisional shelter until their houses have been rebuilt. All in all, in recent times, Ald Raathim has seen a lot of construction work, resulting not only in efforts to rebuild civilian housing and military facilities, but also governmental and guild structures. Currently, aside from the construction of the Resolution of Zenithar in the harbour, an embassy of the Empire is being built at the center square of Ald Raathim.

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