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Location Guide: Firsthold

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Loranna's RP: Location Guide

Firsthold (Summerset)


    Firsthold, the oldest civilized city in Tamriel, is a major power of northern Summerset. Its current king is Reman, who is unmarried following his recent divorce from his wife Morgiah


    A forest surrounds the city to the south and east, where a crystal blade is the memorial of the first step of the first Aldmer onto the earth of Tamriel. A translucent mist and a mirrored wall surround the city, offering magickal protection of some kind. Visitors to Firsthold are struck by its arresting silver and crystalline architecture which, it is said, “hides nothing and reflects everything.” When the sun sets or rises, it seems to set the very sky ablaze, and even the road of crushed crystal seems to have a glow to it.


    The effect of silver and crystal in the city is to make the city seem dream-like, even ghostly. Sometimes people who seemed to be right next to you were many feet away; sometimes figures seems to vanish; sometimes, a man or woman might appear two or three times side by side with himself.


    A river runs through the center of the city to the wildlands of the south to the port in the north. Skiffs (such as that of Quilge, and of Thrandra’s cousin Himble) crowd the walkways along the river, selling fish.


    The spire in the center of the city is the royal palace, an enormous complex of linked government buildings, including the Temple of Auriel, where members of the royal family and such notable heroes as Maranda Biennie are buried within the walls, and library (where Reeds met Lady Glacia Rysleire, and Nalion met Lady Venevria Estacirce during her cotillion ball). Parklands surround the palace on all sides. The lowest twenty feet of the royal palace of Firsthold are constructed from the purest of all the crystal mined in Summerset. It was so transparent, it appears at a distance like the palace is hovering above the ground. Guards and courtiers immediately within the palace gates are entirely visible, as if only separated from you by slightly shimmering air -- scarcely blurred, only a trifle bent. During the ill-fated cotillion of Princess Rinalla, the entire area was flooded and false islands were placed around to become a scale version of Tamriel itself.


    There are several salons accessible within, among them the High Rock like salon where Morgiah met with Goranthir, Tris, and Allerleirauh, and the War Room where she at last accepted responsibility for her deal with Mannimarco that cursed her son. The towers above are the living quarters of the royal family – it was there that the crown prince Aedrin was attacked and killed by birds.


    The city is noted for its high security within its walls as well as beyond. Elevated platforms crisscross Firsthold, acting as highways for the red-cloaked guards, sometimes called Judges. No crime is committed within its streets without being spotted by the guards in a matter of minutes.


    It seems (to outsiders) that there is almost always some city-wide ball, cotillion, or festival underway in Firsthold. As the citizenry love traditions, there is often some dress or costume the revelers are required to wear, making those not so attired stand out even more.


    Among the other named structures of the city are the Mages Guild, an inexpensive tavern called The Honor Guard, a more expensive one called The Lady’s Kiss, and the fashionable boulevard where Rysleire Manor is located.


    Among the people encountered in Firsthold:


      • King Reman
      • His Serenity The Baron-Praetor of Bellias, Viscount Limnil, Lord Faormier (Ellec to his friends), a title-rich but gold-poor nobleman, on the look out for a wealthy woman to marry.
      • Lord, Lady, and Thios Estacirce, the family that gave the cotillion ball in the royal library for their daughter Venevria. She disappeared shortly there after, supposedly eloping with a lover she met at the ball, but actually escaping to go to Artaeum to become a Psijic.
      • Lord, Lady, and Delphina Daille, a wealthy family who are friends with the Rysleires.
      • Lord and Lady Rysleire, parents of Lady Glacia Rysleire, who live in a manor in the fashionable boulevard outside of the city central Count Terilite, jilted fiancé of Lady Glacia Rysleire...

    And as of 3E 321:


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