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Page history last edited by PBworks 15 years, 1 month ago

In no particular order, these are some task we need to get to:


Pages to Add -


Summaries and General information


  1. Important Minor Characters

    Begun by Tedders. -Tedders

  2. Loranna's Roleplaying Threads - A Brief Overview of Artifacts

    Done by Nalion. -Solin

  3. Elder Scrolls History - The Void Rangers


Character Information


  1. Table of Character Equipment
  2. -List of Character Tales and Myths-

    Begun by Loranna. - Nalion

  3. Loranna's Roleplaying Threads - The Chamber of Memorials

    Page dedicated to characters that died in the RP. -Nalion

Does the section I added -- Dead and Undead -- count for this? -Tedders

I more or less thought that this would be a section for dead Player Characters, like Maranda in Firsthold, or Yasur back in the Blue Dawn. Jazbet would fit in there as well. - Nalion



Extraneous Roleplaying


  1. Loranna's Roleplaying - Ancillary Adventures
  2. Loranna's Roleplaying - Ancillary Characters
  3. Loranna's Roleplaying - Character History
  4. Loranna's Roleplaying - Independent Adventures


General Tasks -




Editing & Review


  1. Design "Page in need of review" flag for unedited/reviewed/erroneous pages.
  2. General spell checking.


Page Updates & Maintenance


  1. -Non-standard resolution (resolutions higher or lower than 1024x768) Compliance Check. View every page and make sure it appears as it should.-

    I cannot preform this check due to technical reasons. -Solin

    I run a laptop with 1400x900 something, it looks fine to me so far, both in Firefox and IE. -Nalion

    1600x1200 seems okay to me, too. -Nalion

  2. Create reference 'cards' for the character sheets (e.g. relationships, equipment, etc.).




  1. Creating anchors in all large pages for easy direct linking.
  2. Update the FrontPage with the new entries.

    Partially done by many. -Solin


Milestones to Reach -


  1. Character Sheet Convention Completed.

    Partially done by Nalion, in need of review. -Nalion

  2. Equipment Discription Convention Completed.

    Did an equipment sheet for Nalion, but I'm not satisfied with the layout. In need of review and discussion. -Nalion

  3. Story Page Convention Completed.
  4. Wiki Guidelines and Rules posted.

    Done. -Solin

  5. Create "BackPage" for project updates, links, and general administration for when the FrontPage goes live.

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